Concrete Brick Lamp by Hyfen

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This LED lamp has no switch, shade, or wires, which begs the question, how on earth do you turn it on? Well, it’s more of an intuitive system, so, you simply raise it in an upright position to turn it on. Lay it facedown to turn it off. It’s completely portable- remember, no wires- so, pick it up and take it with you from room to room to get a warm, white light illuminating your immediate vicinity.

Available in a light gray concrete, dark gray concrete, or in a wood version (walnut and acrylic, $195.00).

Measurement : 7.5″ x 5.3″ x h 1.65″ or 19 cm x13.5 cm x h 4.2 cm

Battery : 8000mAh / 5 hours usage
Light source : 3 Watt warm white LED light
Input : 5V, 500mA~2A, 5.5/2.1mm DC connector & USB port

Concrete Brick Lamp by Hyfen

Wood Brick Lamp by Hyfen

Updated price and link; originally posted Oct 13, 2016.


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