Split Step Stool

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If you’re going to have a step stool, you might as well make it this one. Why? Well, it’s made of molded steel- that’s what gives the split-legged design its sleekness and strength- and it’s very minimalist. So minimalist, in fact, you could even leave it out all the time as a resting spot for books or a special plant. You’d not say the same for any other step stool you find at the local hardware store, would you? Now on sale.

Designer: Frederik Roijé

Made in the Netherlands
Size: 18h x 18w x 18″d
Materials: Powder-coated Steel


Split Step Stool by Frederik Roijé

Split Step Stool

White and added oak treads available directly from the designer, Frederik Roijé.

Split Step Stool by Frederik Roijé

Updated price and link; originally posted Mar 16, 2017.


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