Cutlery Set

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Ditch those plastic forks, spoons, and knives, because you’re going to buy this Cutlery Set. All three utensils nest together into a compact case for safekeeping and easy transport, which is convenient for your daily lunch at the office or your next camping trip.

Stainless steel won’t bend or break, and, as a bonus, you can freely lecture anyone around you about how their use of plastic cutlery is lame, both in function and for the environment. You may not make new friends this way, so maybe it’s best to just wait as others slowly notice your superior eating utensils, then tell them all about it.

Designed by black+blum

-Made from stainless steel
-Includes polypropylene snap close case
-Dishwasher safe

L19.5cm W5cm H2cm / L7.5″ W1.9″ H0.8″

black+blum Cutlery Set

black+blum Cutlery Set

black+blum Cutlery Set

Updated price and link; originally posted Jul 22, 2016.


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